Some days I don’t feel like a writer at all.  Surely in order to be a writer someone has to actually read your writing.  I’ve written for dozens of classes but the journey of writing my novel is unlike any I’ve ever experienced.  It is an entirely different animal than short stories which is all I’ve attempted before now.  There are days when writing isn’t fun.  I don’t know which direction to take the story in next, I don’t think anything I’ve written is any good, I wanted to eek out 1,000 words and I only got 87, I got rejected by another agent,etc.  I wanted to write this post to remind us that despite all the bad times, the great times are out there and they make the bad ones pale in comparison.  Writing is kind of like parenting that way.

It never ceases to amaze me or excite me when the story starts writing itself and goes in a completely different direction than I intended.  I had read about this happening to other writers but didn’t really believe in it until it happened to me for the first time.  My protagonist was attending a family dinner and she shows up and there is the guy she just had a one night stand with. Don’t even go there, he’s not one of the relatives!  I wasn’t planning on him being there he just showed up, there’s no other way to describe it.  The following scenes wrote themselves, it was incredible.  I felt like I had lifted a car over my head.  I knew that I had done something right and since a writer spends much of their time thinking that everything they are doing is total crap, it makes that writer’s high all that more sweet.

I also get the writer’s high when one of the characters or scenes makes me cry.  I know that may sound counterintuitive but I’m not a cryer.  It’s not that I don’t have feelings they just hardly every spill out my eyes.  If something that I’ve written moves me to the point of tears I know that something amazing happened and the high that comes with it makes all the bad stuff worth it.  I will write 5,000 words of drivel and edit it all out later (which really happens, fyi) just to get that pot of gold at the end of my word rainbow.  I want all of you out there struggling to remind yourselves you’re not alone and that we do this for a very good reason.  Happy writing everyone.